[alcatel-nsp] ISAM 7360 GPON Provisioning

Sexton, Shane sextonws at epb.net
Fri Sep 15 09:52:52 EDT 2017

On 9/12/17, 3:15 AM, "Philip" wrote:
>>Shane wrote:  
>> We utilize the 5529 Access Provisioning Center (APC) that is part of
>> AMS. It offers a SOAP interface for templating services. It is fully
>> with our computer aided dispatch system to allow for plant inventory to
>> associated with premise information. We do just in time activation
>>based off
>> of our billing and facility management systems as orders move through
>> activation workflow.
>Did you try to do the provisioning backend yourself first or did you go
>with APC/AMS from the beginning? APC/AMS might be a bit cost prohibitive
>for us, but we are pricing different options such as 'AMS-in-the-cloud',
>even if that sounds non desirable.

We began our network with the idea of utilizing APC and templates for
services. It has it¹s unique set of challenges but it has worked out very
well for us over the years. The ability to easily run an audit against
what the APC template system believes is right versus what is actually
provisioned on the ONT/OLT is very handy.

>> This was heavy to implement as you put it. We actually deployed the 7342
>> chassis first and then moved to 7360 after years of deployment of GPON.
>> have deployed NG-PON2 on the 7360 as well for 10Gbps services.
>Interesting, what is your main driver for NG-PON2? We are going GPON and
>I feel that 2.5G/1.25G should be plenty for residential applications. But
>perhaps you use PON for business also?

We try to be an early adopter of technology. Partly we wanted to prove
that it was a viable technology, we have NG-PON2 deployed in several areas
of our market. Just as 1G 5 years ago was a big deal and CPE was still
lagging, 10G has the same issues. There are few viable routers available
for residential deployments but we still have a few customers that deploy
the technology. We utilize NG-PON2 for MDUs as well. It¹s a perfect fit
for a dense application. The biggest issue with NG-PON2 is hashing in the
core, elephant flows will make your infrastructure crumble if your still
using Nx10G lags in the core.


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