[alcatel-nsp] ISAM 7360 GPON Provisioning

Peter W lists at pw.de
Tue Sep 12 17:52:07 EDT 2017

Hi Philip,

On 11.09.2017 09:48, Philip Olsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm curious how you guys do provisioning of GPON on the Nokia 7360?
> The method that seems to be mostly used is pre-provisioning of ONT ports with serial numbers for all the ONTs with CLI. 
> This would require a backend provisioning system knowing the complete state of the all the 7360's in order to do automatic "CLI configuration" from the backend. This would be pretty heavy in implementation.
> This also has some challenges that you need to know exactly what ONT shows up on what OLT, this would be a real problem during installation since installers usually do not know what ONT/CPE shows up on what house.
> I would be interested in a setup that is a bit more reactive, DOCSIS-style. 
> If you have any pointers/feedback for successful GPON deployment, please get back to me.

may be you can implement this processes:

- monitor the syslog of all 7360 for unprovisioned ONTs and store the
mapping serial-number<->host&pon-port.
Syslog message looks like "alarm occurred for pon 1/1/2/7 : SERNUM

2 possible ways of provisioning:
1) if you'll see an already known serial-number, start ont provisioning
on given pon-port.

2) if an installer provides a seen serial-number, you can start
provisioning of the mapped pon-port.


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