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Hey Shane,

Why is that?

In the NGPON2 wiki article doesn't look like the wavelengths clash?

On 15 September 2017 at 20:40, Sexton, Shane <sextonws at epb.net> wrote:
> So long as your not doing any RF (1550nm) downstream you can utilize
> multiple wavelengths for NGPON2. We are only deploying a single NGPON2
> wavelength today and have not chosen to combine GPON and NGPON2 splitters
> as we have RF on those older splitters.
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> On 9/13/17, 11:16 PM, "Mark Tees" <marktees at gmail.com> wrote:
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>>Unrelated, but my main driver with NGPON2 was to be able to have a
>>GPON OLT and an NGPON2 OLT on the same fibre so I can migrate away
>>from a certain grief causing vendor one ONT a time.
> >From what I read about the way NGPON2 manages wavelengths/which
>>wavelengths are used I think what I want to do should be possible.
>>It also looked like running multiple OLT's on the same fibre was
>>entirely possible for various reasons also due to the above.
>>On 12 September 2017 at 14:15, Philip Olsson <philip at teleservice.net>
>>>> Shane wrote:
>>>> We utilize the 5529 Access Provisioning Center (APC) that is part of
>>>> AMS. It offers a SOAP interface for templating services. It is fully
>>>> with our computer aided dispatch system to allow for plant inventory
>>>>to be
>>>> associated with premise information. We do just in time activation
>>>>based off
>>>> of our billing and facility management systems as orders move through
>>>> activation workflow.
>>> Did you try to do the provisioning backend yourself first or did you go
>>>with APC/AMS from the beginning? APC/AMS might be a bit cost prohibitive
>>>for us, but we are pricing different options such as 'AMS-in-the-cloud',
>>>even if that sounds non desirable.
>>>> One issue that happens fairly often in our deployment is that ONTs are
>>>> connected to the wrong splitter lead in our cabinets, and thus the ONT
>>>> appears on another OLT. We use the alarm raised by the OLT for new
>>>> unconfigured equipment to determine that the ONT that was scanned onto
>>>> premise is appearing on the wrong circuit (PON) and then notify our
>>>> plant technician of the mistake. This alarm is raised very quickly
>>>>since we are
>>>> doing immediate provisioning based off of the equipment scan.
>>> Yes, this is something I expect will happen.  The system really seems
>>>to want to know the exact location of ONTs.
>>>> This was heavy to implement as you put it. We actually deployed the
>>>> chassis first and then moved to 7360 after years of deployment of
>>>>GPON. We
>>>> have deployed NG-PON2 on the 7360 as well for 10Gbps services.
>>> Interesting, what is your main driver for NG-PON2? We are going GPON
>>>and I feel that 2.5G/1.25G should be plenty for residential
>>>applications. But perhaps you use PON for business also?
>>> Regards,
>>> Philip
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