New SW BC station

Brian Carling (G3XLQ/AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Tue Apr 1 10:05:13 EST 1997

Today was officially announced that Free Radio Liechtenstein
that has operated as a pirate station for years, received an
official permission to start legal broadcasting from Liechtenstein on
shortwaves. As the first step of legal broadcasting Radio
Liechtenstein has announced to start reading The Law Books of the
country. Also a dramatization of the Dreyfuss Affair will be heard in
the series with other Famous court cases of past two centuries. Later
Liechtenstein will also broadcast investment oriented programmes for
stamp collectors and tax dodgers in co-operation with Nigerian Loan
Companies. In the long run, a network of relay stations in Channel
Islands, Virgin Islands, Cayman, and Singapore will be planned. Radio
Liechtenstein welcomes reception reports. Just enclose $20 with your
report to receive a numbered gold-foil verification card. 1000 first
reporters will be awarded a secret bank account in the country by your
choice. Just the account - you provide the money.

The Schedule:

1550-1550 UTC 6576 9345             in Russian for Russian mafia
1700-1750 UTC 9325 9640 9977 13785  in English for general audience
1900-1950 UTC 6576 9345             in German for 1930's gold investors
2000-2050 UTC 6576 9345 9640 9977   in English for admiral audience
2100-2150 UTC 9325 13785            in German again,
          (South American edition)

(To those of you who bothered to scroll down this far, he he!!)

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