Server status and Archive Available

Dave Kelley aa7tq at PRIMENET.COM
Tue Apr 1 08:41:39 EST 1997

Greetings Gang!

There is now an archive web site for this list and all of the others on
this list server.

It can be accessed at:

Every message passed through the server is available sorted by date,
author, and topic.  There is a nice index at the top and more detail below.
 Check it'll see the format and capability.  I'm sure you'll like


News on the "FLUSH" problem.

I've made some changes that should stop the problem of the server
re-sending a bunch of old messages.   If it does it again, trust me that I
will be working on it even before it finishes sending them all.

Last Friday when it dumped so many I found out we had a re-boot of our SMTP
server.  Last weekend I put the changes in place.  Monday the SMTP server
was re-booted again and there was another "flush" but it was much
smaller....almost like it was what had happened from Fridays dump to the
time I fixed it during the weekend.  In a week I'll re-boot the SMTP server
again just to see if the problem has gone away.  At least now I know how to
"pull the handle" on the problem.

Wish me luck.

Dave AI7R

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