Svetlana's (future) 6146

Brian Carling (G3XLQ/AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Thu Apr 3 03:31:35 EST 1997

Does anyone know WHAT an EL509 is??

I never heard of that one! It sounds like a late-model power pentode
of some kind!!

On  2 Apr 97 at 21:27, Jeffrey Herman spoke about Svetlana's (future)
6146 and said:

> Received the following from a Svet engineer // Jeff KH2PZ
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
>   We are contemplating manufacture of a 6146. It would require
>   development
> of new tooling, as old tooling is not available to us. The current
> plan is to develop the tube for mid-1998 or thereafter. If there is
> room in your amp, suggest you look at our EL509 for retrofit. Or, if
> you have to stick with 6146s, there are a few NOS tube dealers who
> can help you. If you need any more help with Svetlana tubes, please
> contact us. Eric Barbour Svetlana Electron Devices
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