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Lawrence R. Ware lrware at PIPELINE.COM
Sat Apr 5 07:43:08 EST 1997

Whilst discussing the status and name of this mailing list,
At 01:39 04/05/1997 -0800, Dave Kelly <listowner> wrote:

>I think the only "bitch" that I can say is even a little justified
>is the name I picked for this group.  I guess I was used to
>the way the Internet runs with unique names like BA at abc being
>different than BA at xyz.
Hummm, for the purpose of discussion only I'm going to refer to
the list at theporch.com as "boatanchors" and the one I posting to now,
@tempe.gov as ba2. (This is easier for me, I mean no disrespect to
either list...)

Dave makes a valid point here, those familiar with the conventions
of internet naming, would immediately understand the difference.
Yet many hams/collectors/etc. simply use the internet as another tool.
Many people will become confused. I point to several threads in
r.r.a.b as examples...  I would suggest and support a change in name
to something that is descriptive of the lists purpose without being
open to as much confusion among newcomers.

>I'm thinking BAList would be a nice short one to use....but any ideas.
"BAlist" would work. "BAmail" would also. other suggestions?

<Insert disclaimer here>
FTR: Most members of boatanchors (theporch) know, or at least know of
me. I *am* a friend of Jack Hill <listowner> of boatanchors.
I am also a member of "bapolicy," the policy subreflector of the
boatanchors group. I have never met Dave Kelly <listowner> of ba2.

Daves post to r.r.a.b. <reposted by Dave>:
>Since some are interested in "why" there is another list for the BAs
>it's simple.  I believe (and I'm allowed that pleasure) that on the >Internet the mail lists should be free.
Mr. Kelly is both allowed, and allowed to work towards just about
anything he wishes. One of the *nice* things about the USA. :-)

>Nope....but I expect the flames anyhow.
I hope no one mistakes this post for a flame, it is *not* intended
to be one, nor should it be taken that way.

>Is it run by the City with the strange looking City Hall...
<snip of long version of *yes*>

>We bought a list server software
>package for $2,000 that we needed to learn how to manage - and test.
I would inject here that one of the reasons boatanchors has a
subscription fee is that listserver software is *not* free. in Dave's
case he is fortunate enough to have the city picking up the tab. In
return ba2, etc. provide the needed beta testing and debugging
environment. This really is a win-win situation.

>Tempe is a big supporter of ham radio
>Don't you wish YOUR City was as "ham friendly"?
Actually, I'm not even a "ham," but yes I do wish they all had a better
grasp on the kind of services local governments could provide in
the information age.

>As far as tax money...I see any tax money that "we actually get
>to make use of" as a good thing!!  And who wouldn't?
It does beat the heck out of my local governments ideas about providing
internet services. Down here in Orlando, we are mired in a court case
between the city, county, library system and the ACLU. All over
whether free internet access at the local library should include the
many porn web pages. The ACLU believes blocking them violates the
*rights* of users. But I digress.

>Let's get back to talking about radios that warm the shack and the heart!
A suggestion Dave and folks. Think about an "acceptable use" policy
before all the spammers and professional scammers find you.
One of the things that make boatanchors at theporch.com nice is the lack
of FOR-SALE lists updated 10 times a day. I would also suggest that
the list can live without daily "Always Buying Western Electric and
other Tube Based Audio Equipment" postings.

-Larry Ware

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