Thanks and introduction

michael silva mjsilva at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Apr 5 13:43:16 EST 1997

I'd like to start off adding my thanks for this list.  I too was one of
those who chose not to stay with the old BA list.  It's nice to have
the "Boatanchor" entry in my address book active again!

By way of introduction, I've gotten back into vacuum tubes after a 20
year "detour" into the digital/software thing.  I've been doing some
homebrew, hanging out on the glowbugs list and building up a decent
book collection but only recently did I get my first (and currently
only) boatanchor.  I waited until I found something I really wanted and
ended up with a very clean but nonworking SX-28.  As soon as I can
round up a clean copy of a manual (the one I got was an Nth generation
smudge) I'll start on its restoration.  For those who have seen the
variable caps on this radio -- talk about "they don't make 'em like
that anymore"!

Mike, KK6GM
(not at all confused by the two lists)

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