Antenna tuner help needed

Sat Apr 5 13:42:41 EST 1997


     One of my students got his novice license and a (now) working
HW-101 - and an antenna tuner with no instructions, for which I
should appreciate some help.

     The tuner has a B&W label on it, but looks just like the MFJ
300 watt tuner (with similarly burned things inside - now replaced).
Question in operating it.  It has three tuning controls: two
variable capacitors labelled "TRANSMITTER" and "ANTENNA," and a
tapped inductor with about twelve or so switched tap positions.

     I have figured an approach to take if no other help is forthcoming,
but if any of you can give me directions on using the thing it may
help keep from zapping out anything else on the inside.

     Thanks in advance!

     73,  Al  N5AIT
   modsteph at
   Allan Stephens
   Richmond, Kentucky

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