New name for this list???

Jack Taylor n7oo at GOODNET.COM
Sat Apr 5 16:13:46 EST 1997

Regarding the name, I can see where there could be some confusion as well
as a 'little miffyness' by the original BA'ers.  Since a rose by any name
is still a rose, 'BALIST' 'TOOBGEAR', or whatever, is fine with me.

In philosophy, I saw the original BA'er group going PAY PER VIEW as not
only bad but downright evil.  I saw it as contrary to the free spirit of
the internet and by example, starting a very dangerous for fee trend on
all of the other mailing reflectors.

For instance, if we ALL payed for every subscription service, it would have
an adverse impact to freedom of information on the internet.  By this I
mean it would impact our pocketbooks to the point we'd no doubt cut back
on the number of subscription lists we individually receive.  Since we
each potentially have something to contribute, the other list members are
the losers when members go away.

My thanks to Dave Kelley and the City of Tempe, may their filaments
forever glow!

73 de Jack

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