New name for this list???

James True jltrue at ARISTOTLE.NET
Sat Apr 5 18:58:35 EST 1997


I'm kind new to the internet list servers (about a week)  but from what I have
seen, they provide a usefull service.  It doesn't confuse me to get mail from
both list but if is causing any problems then better to change it now than later.
BAlist sounds fine, or you could use FIREBOTTLE.

The list at is exceptionally well run and I have just sent my
subscription money to keep the messages coming.  There is a great deal of usefull
information passed around.  Other people on the net may not feel it is worth the
subscription fee for what ever reason.  There is room on the internet for both
lists.  I just appreciate the opportunity to communicate with anyone who shares an
interest in old radios whether they wish to pay or not.

I agree with Larry about having a good policy from the start.  Commercial dealers
sending daily list of inventory and specials would be undesirable.  On the other
hand, I would like to see "for sale, trade, or want" messages from other
collectors.  A guy here locally who trades rigs regularly says "it's only a
business if you consistantly make a profit".  Just because someone is an active
collector does not make it a business.  Perhaps some kind of limit on the frequence
of reposting the same or very similar messages.

The two things that make the boatanchor lists (Collins & Heath as well) better than to me is:

 1. The sense of fellowship on the lists
 2. No business band radios for sale, only hollow state stuff.

Thanks for making the lists available.

73's  James

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