Cathode Keying tubes with...

Brian Carling (Radio G3XLQ / AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Sun Apr 6 17:52:47 EDT 1997

Yes, I thin kthemercury wetted  is the way to go, but I don't even
know what they look like. I tried a reed relay with little success,
as it  seems that with constant on/off keying of CW it gets
magnetized after a while and stays closed too long or something.

I have heard also that a horizontal output transistor is the way to
got, but they are hard to identify unless you know the numbers or
have an old junk TV around the junk box!

Radio Shack sells one but Jeepers they want $9 for it. Too steep!

ZUT - Bry

(What does ZUT mean anyway?)

On  4 Apr 97 at 20:27, Bob/WB0AUQ spoke about Re: Cathode Keying
tubes with... and said:

> Brian, et al.
> My experience with small DIP relays and cathode
> keying not good.  Tried two varieties and both
> left me on air with a nice carrier after only a
> few QSOs.....the contacts sorta melted together.
> My solution was a Western Electric mercury-wetted
> relay (like in the TO-1 keyer).  You can find these
> often at fests...even used one of these on RTTY a
> few years ago, coil is only a few ma, can key with
> TTL, and plenty fast.
> 73, Bob/WB0AUQ/brainbol at
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