New name for this list???

Scott Cowling dfi at CYBERHIGHWAY.NET
Mon Apr 7 03:13:55 EDT 1997

Hi fellow boatanchor enthusiasts,

Well, I was hoping that this thread would not get started here, but since
change seems imminent, I guess I must jump in with my .02 :-)

First of all, I do not care whether or not the PPV (pay-per-view)
Boatanchors list makes money for its owners.  I don't care what the owners
do with their subscription fees. That is between the subscribers (who have
all elected to pay the fee after a free trial period) and the list owners.
If you want to pay for it and feel you get your money's worth, go for it!

However, the position that some have taken of self-righteous indignation
baffles me. Someone offers you something for FREE that you previously had to
pay for, and you COMPLAIN? Only one thing I can say to these people:
methinks thou doth protest too much :-)

As far as the list name goes, I think it should remain as it is: the "Boat
Anchor Owners and Collectors List". I have tried in vain to come up with
another name that is as descriptive. I do not like "firebottle", because it
is not descriptive enough.  The list is not about tubes; it is more general
than that. The name "BA" is too cryptic. The same goes for "BAList".  The
fact is that "Boatanchors" describes exactly what the list is about, in
terms that nearly any ham would recognize. "Boatanchors(free)" is an
unnecessarily complex name, in my opinion. Lists are generally free on the

If you need to distinguish this list, use Tempe Boatanchors list.  Isn't the
usenet newsgroup called "Boatanchors" also? (Or maybe more accurately
R.R.A.Boatanchors). This notion that "boatanchors" is already "taken" is
absurd. The name that is "taken" is "boatanchors at".

I think that those who believe that this list was started to undermine the
"other" list are looking for malice where there is none. I believe that each
list will live or die on its own merits (including whether it is free on
not). This talk of "my name" or "your list" is just nit-picking and taking
bandwidth away from what we all got on the list for - to talk about our radios!

Lets keep BOTH lists.  I know if I paid money for a list, I would stay until
my subscription ran out.  I'll bet that if you compared the subscriber lists
of these two lists, many names would appear on both. It is just another
outlet for our kind of addiction: Marine Anti-Drift Acquisition Syndrome,
Having Excessively Liberal  Largeness (MADASHELL), aka Boatanchor-itis.

OK, got my flame-proof suit on, fire away :-)


Scotty WA2DFI

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