New name for this list???

Brian Carling (Radio G3XLQ / AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Mon Apr 7 04:16:51 EDT 1997

On  6 Apr 97 at 17:01, Jeffrey Herman spoke about Re: New name for
this list??? and said:

> On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Brian Carling (Radio G3XLQ / AF4K) wrote:
> > I think "807" would be a PRIMO name for such a list!
> Well, I'd vote for "6146" myself.
> (Note that "Primo" was the name of a Hawaii-brewed beer...)

Jeff this sounds like one of the more exotic "Cold 807s"

like the 5933 = miniature 807

or the 5B254M mini-807 made in Britain!

Seriously though, I bought a 5933 at the hamfest this weekend for
$1.00! Such a good deal!

Next time in Hawaii I will try a PRIMO!
Are they 5-pin base?

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