a boatanchor is a boatanchor is a boatanchor...

Jacob Worthington bjacob at IOFC.COM
Mon Apr 7 07:48:39 EDT 1997

Hey BA lovers,

I vote to keep the name BOATANCHORS just as it is.

Yes, I belong to the "other" BOATANHCORS and paid Jack $12 for the
membership, BUT I also subscribe to this BOATANCHORS list.  I don't
have any trouble telling them apart.  Just look at the different name after
that little "@" sign or whatever you call it.  Makes it real easy!

Anyway, if the name gets changed, then I have to go back into my
e-mail program and try to reset all of the filters.  Boring, boring,
boring!  Much rather work with REAL filters of the mechanical type!

A big 73 from here in Arkansas...

Jacob Worthington
Conway, Arkansas, USA

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