a boatanchor is a boatanchor is a boatanchor...

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Mon Apr 7 15:16:20 EDT 1997

One thing to keep in mind: "Boatanchors" existed before internet.
That term dates back to at least the 50s.

If there were two email lists devoted to "door knobs" and so named,
should the second list have to change its name?

This is the Tempe boatanchors list - the other is The.porch boatanchors
list; our third source is the boatanchors newsgroup. Who could possibly
be confused or find fault?

Re: Glowbugs, to sub, send an email to: majordomo at www.atl.org
and only write
subscribe glowbugs your_email_address_here

73 from Hawaii, Jeff KH2PZ / KH6

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