32S-1 vs 32S-3 on CW ???

Glenn Finerman GFINER at NMS.COM
Tue Apr 8 15:49:14 EDT 1997

Steve KD2ED, was kind enough to educate me regarding the difference
between the Collins 32S-1 and 32S-3. He mentioned an article in
Hamradio magazine describing the conversion of a 32S-1 to a 32S-3.

re>Yep, it includes the spot switch, and level control and essentially
>rewires the radio to gen the CW via the carrier oscillator (not the audio
>tone oscillator).

Since the 32S-3 uses the carrier oscillator instead of the audio tone
oscillator to generate CW, does that mean an S-line with a 32S-3 is a
better candidate for lowering the osc frequency to allow "normal"
CW tranceive operation (changing the offset as discussed before)??
or does the problem exsist regardless of how CW is generated?

73..................Glenn  N2BJG    gfiner at nms.com

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