Removing Nicotine Stains and other Dirt from BA's

James True jltrue at ARISTOTLE.NET
Sat Apr 12 12:10:01 EDT 1997

Another good product for removing tar/nicotine/dirt is Simple Green. I use one
or two capfulls in a quart of water.  The gunk just melts away.  If you have a
really nasty one, use can use a stronger mix.  I have never had any adverse
reactions with paint, plastic, etc.  This stuff is pretty mild to everything but
grease.  Not knowing what the long term effects of any residue might be, I go back
over it with a little plain water and then let it dry.

The gray sponge-on-a-stick paint applicators that are sold in hobby and craft
stores work very well for cleaning around parts on the chassis.  The 1" model seems
to be the most usefull, but they come in other sizes too.

Happy hunting!

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