Heath Warrior for sale

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Fri Apr 11 20:09:18 EDT 1997

sinned at vnet.ibm.com  (Dennis W5FRS) thus spake:

 [ some snippage]
>Someone looking for a heavy duty, reliable linear amp, 80-10M, should
>consider this. It has 3B28 rectifiers and 4-811's paralleled. ...
> Power output is conservatively
>rated at 1000 Peak-SSB/CW and 400 AM, continuous duty.
>Comsetically this is a 9 in my opinion, maybe better. Price is $250
>with original manual.

The Heath Warrior is a wonderful amp, easy to use, forgiving
of error, easy to modify and tinker with (if you're into such
heresy -- I updated mine a bit but left the front original).

This price is a steal.  The amp is everything Dennis says, and more.
With the 3B28s, it's a real in-the-dark rig.


Jim Strohm
jstrohm at texas.net

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