After the Nicotine is Gone--Then What?

Roger W. Stevens WA3FLE rstevens at VOICENET.COM
Fri Apr 11 16:07:14 EDT 1997

Fellow BA Restorers,

Well, hot on the heels of my Formula PRO409 recommendation for rig
cleaning (especially of smoking deposits)--and one private email
extolling the virtues of Scrubbing Bubbles as an alternative--the
next step I thought most would be unfamiliar with is my favorite
substance for restoring the shine.

Guitar polish--namely, C.F. Martin Guitar Polish.  This stuff is
almost indistinguishable from water--it comes in a white plastic
spray bottle, is available in any music store, does the best job
imaginable on chrome parts, but also smooth painted surfaces as well.
I cannot vouch for the success of any of these techniques on crinkle
finishes, but I wouldn't be afraid to try.

While in the music store, pick up a couple of Fender (or Martin, or
store-brand) yellow guitar polishing cloths, and back home, spray
the Guitar Polish on the cloth, and apply it to the BA, covering the
entire surface under preparation, and polish until all traces of liquid are
gone and a shine develops.  This is not only great for BA's, it is
also the leading choice by luthiers for guitar cleaning and polishing,
as it does not build up and never has to be stripped off.  Great stuff.
No silicones, etc., involved.

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73, Roger WA3FLE
Norristown, PA
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