David Harmon KD6EC dwharmon at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Apr 11 14:53:53 EDT 1997

Hi Gang;

Cleaning up around here!!
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        PS/7 S/N 5542
        MS-7 S/N 2308
        SL-250 (cant remember for sure but is most narrow made)
        FA-7 (2)
        WH-7 S/N 2623
        NB-7 S/N 2059
        MN-7 S/N 1506
        B-1000 Balun
        LadderLine fed dipole mfg by Drake for MN-7/MN-2700 NIB
        Complete service manual (hardbound)
        service kit (board extenders, board removal tool etc.)
        Original Drake Manuals for all(no reproductions)
        Most have original boxes
        Orig sales reciept
        Microfone connector
        I think that is all of it


        All units are complete and working properly. I have never had
        a failure of any kind. All units except TR-7 are unmodified in any way.
        Modifications are;
        TR-7 norm/ext switch on rear panel rewired to provide
        hi/lo panel lamps.
        Spare jack on rear panel wired to provide phonepatch access
        No damage or scratches either

        Let me know

        73 Dave    KD6EC

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