Heath Warrior for sale

Dennis Brady sinned at VNET.IBM.COM
Fri Apr 11 12:32:41 EDT 1997

Someone looking for a heavy duty, reliable linear amp, 80-10M, should
consider this. It has 3B28 rectifiers and 4-811's paralleled. The DC
power capacitors are oil filled, rather than electrolytic. 811's are
forced air cooled. The tubes are American made vintage and will probably
outlast many of us, but in the event of wearout, replacement cost is
trivial compared to other tube types. Power output is conservatively
rated at 1000 Peak-SSB/CW and 400 AM, continuous duty.

Comsetically this is a 9 in my opinion, maybe better. Price is $250
with original manual. It can be viewed at my QTH in Irving, Texas
(near Dallas) and if you want to test it fully, bring your 1-KW dummy
load and wattmeter. ( I can only test it to 300W out myself) Also,
can bring it to the Belton hamfest, but I won't have a table, etc.

I am handling this for an elderly ham friend who is retiring from
HF activity. Also available is an HT-37, and an HW-100.

Dennis W5FRS
sinned at vnet.ibm.com

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