FS TR-7 LINE But not to everyone

Mark Bryant bryant at SOHOBUSINESS.COM
Sun Apr 13 14:24:18 EDT 1997

This week I tried to buy parts of KD6EC's for sale list.  I contacted him
and ask if he was interested in breaking up the set to sell me a MN7 so I
could put my TR7 on line.  He responded that he would not sell to anyone
under General.  After he posted again two days later he responded to my
second request with a terse "no".  That attitude is killing ham radio.  He
has every right to sell to whom he wishes but to exclude someone with such
a broad brush and without knowing circumstance is very detrimental to this
hobby.  He does not know whether I am a) a no code tech or b) someone who
has been in this hobby for over 25 years and who has held third and first
commercial tickets (70's).  (hint, it's not the a answer).  The arrogance
that KD6EC exhibited with one little remark has no excuse.

I apologize for climbing on a soapbox but it is time for everyone to look
at themselves and hope that you too are not sending these signals to new
hams, hams who are just coming back into the fold or those who have been
around for years and years.

So kids, I will find another MN7, without David's permission, and get my
TR7 fully on the air.  I will not allow KD6EC's efforts to curtail my hobby
keep me off the air.  I will continue to fight for the rights of all hams,
not just "special" hams.



: From: David Harmon KD6EC <dwharmon at ix.netcom.com>
: Subject: FS TR-7 LINE
: Date: Sunday, April 13, 1997 3:28 AM
: Hi Gang;
: Cleaning house around here.
:         TR-7/DR-7
:         PS-7
:         MS-7
:         SL-250(cant remember for sure but is the most narrow mfg)
:         SL-500
:         SL-1800
:         FA-7(2)
:         WH-7
:         NB-7
:         RV-7
:         MN-7
:         B-1000 Balun
:         Ladder line fed all band dipole mfg by Drake for MN-7/MN-2700 NIB
:         Complete Drake service manual(hardbound)
:         Service kit(board extenders, board removal tool etc.)
:         All units are complete and working properly. I have never had
:         a failure of any kind. All units except TR-7 are unmodified in
any way.
:         Modifications are;
:         TR-7 norm/ext switch on rear panel rewired to provide
:         Hi/Lo panel lamps.
:         Spare jack on rear panel wired to provide phonepatch access
:         No damage or scratches
:         73   Dave KD6EC         1500+shipping
:         Original Drake manuals for all(no reproductions)
:         Most have original boxes
:         Orig sales receipt
:         Microphone connector

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