Mark Bryant

Mark Bryant bryant at SOHOBUSINESS.COM
Sun Apr 13 15:09:27 EDT 1997

Any chance you have heard of the novice bands,  of course how could I know
that as a twenty five year user.   It's really neat talking to folks who
have just started and enjoy for the hobby.  But if I upgrade, I might have
to talk to folks like you.  What a waste of time.


: From: David Harmon KD6EC <dwharmon at IX.NETCOM.COM>
: Subject: Mark Bryant
: Date: Sunday, April 13, 1997 2:47 PM
: Hey Mark;
: All you have to do is upgrade past a Technician licence and then
: you will be able to legally operate on the HF bands.
: As far as being 'arrogant' if I determine you are not rated to operate
: equipment I have for sale, I just won't sell it to you.
: As far as needing my permission for anything, you dont. Hopefully
: other hams will also make their own decisions responsibly.
: Dave

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