Mark Bryant

Walt Novinger waltn at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Apr 13 18:04:52 EDT 1997

I usually stay out of these frays, but this time I have to put my two cents
in. My wife and I are collectors and restorers of vacuum tube receivers,
and spend many, many hours listening to the SW broadcasters and, to a
lesser degree the ham bands. Although I once wanted to become a ham, the
current state of the HF bands (sounding like the CB of the 90's), and the
attitude of many hams, as recently exemplified by KD6EC, have dampened my
desire to work hard enough to achieve the General or higher license. KD6EC
was clearly wrong in his assertion that Mr. Bryant can't work the HF bands,
but has ungraciously refused to admit it...this, too, seems to exemplify
many of the attitudes I hear on the air.

To all of the hams who replied in Mr. Bryant's favor, I extend my kudos.
Maybe the amateur radio hobby _can_ police its own?


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