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Phil Mills pmills at A.CRL.COM
Sun Apr 13 20:41:42 EDT 1997

Brian, yeah, you missed something....novices and tech plus
licensees can operate cw and ssb on 10 meters between
28.1 and 28.5 mc.  I thought that was the case but had
to look it up in the book to be sure....

73, Phil

>Guys I think this may be just a little misunderstanding here.
>A "TECH PLUS" licensee is like a novice under the old structure if I
>understand it correctly and they can operate CW in the novice
>Or did I miss something?
>On 13 Apr 97 at 11:47, David Harmon KD6EC spoke about Mark Bryant and
>> Hey Mark;
>> All you have to do is upgrade past a Technician licence and then you
>> will be able to legally operate on the HF bands. As far as being
>> 'arrogant' if I determine you are not rated to operate equipment I
>> have for sale, I just won't sell it to you. As far as needing my
>> permission for anything, you dont. Hopefully other hams will also
>> make their own decisions responsibly.
>> Dave
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