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Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Sun Apr 13 21:20:48 EDT 1997

Dunno if it's been mentioned, there there is a list devoted
to CW now (as if we don't subscribe to enuf lists!! I think
I'm on 5 or 8 now).

Email to the good Major, majordomo at, and only write
subscribe cw your at email.address

and you'll be hooked up. Don't forget to save the Welcome
message so you'll know how to unsub.

Oh, did you know you can receive the newsgroup via an email digest?
Mail to  listserv at  and only write

add ham-boatanchors Your Name

and you'll be connected.

Thank-you to all who wrote concerning the SX-101A pricing. No
matter what I ask I doubt anyone will want to pay the shipping
from Hawaii (unless they want to combine the sale with a vacation).
I think it would have to go by ship, which would mean me having to
somehow get it down to Honolulu Harbor on my bicycle.

Jeff KH2PZ

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