Mark Bryant

Roger A. McCarty rmccarty at DELTANET.COM
Mon Apr 14 02:03:06 EDT 1997

> To all of the hams who replied in Mr. Bryant's favor, I extend my kudos.
> Maybe the amateur radio hobby _can_ police its own?
> Walt

I have read most of the replies regarding Daves refusal to sell a piece
of equipment to an individual based on his class of license and it
appears my opinion is in opposition to those responses.

Whether Dave has the facts right or not, it seems to me that anyone
willing to lose monies and/or profit on the sell of a piece of equipment
because of a personal commitment to selling only to operators properly
licensed to operate the equipment, is the ultimate in personal integrity
and ethical behaviour. From this perspective, it is indeed, "Amateurs
policing their own". We need more people in *all* aspects of life like
Dave, not fewer. People who are willing to sacrifice for what they
believe is right, over immediate profit.

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