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You said:

People who are willing to sacrifice for what they believe is right, over
immediate profit.

Believing what is right and doing what is right are not the same thing,
especially when the belief on which one is basing his/her decision is

Unlike you, I cannot condone prejudicial behavior based on
misinformation/lack of information. Dave's stated reason for refusing to
sell was premised on his "knowing" that Mark could not use it on the HF
bands. The truth is that Mark CAN use it on 10 meters.

Last night I spent about 15 minutes updating our club's roster and posting
it on our web site. Our newest member (one who had been a member previously
and who is a tech who was tested by our VE team) is black.

Forty or fifty years ago he probably would not have been allowed to join
our club. The decision to exclude him would have been made by people who
"knew they were right."

Prejudice is wrong. Period. Discrimination is wrong. Period. I've been
there, and I've seen it. I hate to see even a hint of it in amateur radio.


"The life you live is the lesson you teach."

George M. Winford
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> To all of the hams who replied in Mr. Bryant's favor, I extend my kudos.
> Maybe the amateur radio hobby _can_ police its own?
> Walt

I have read most of the replies regarding Daves refusal to sell a piece
of equipment to an individual based on his class of license and it
appears my opinion is in opposition to those responses.

Whether Dave has the facts right or not, it seems to me that anyone
willing to lose monies and/or profit on the sell of a piece of equipment
because of a personal commitment to selling only to operators properly
licensed to operate the equipment, is the ultimate in personal integrity
and ethical behaviour. From this perspective, it is indeed, "Amateurs
policing their own". We need more people in *all* aspects of life like
Dave, not fewer. People who are willing to sacrifice for what they
believe is right, over immediate profit.

>From this point, emotions seem to have clouded the issue.

Roger KD6CC

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