Yves A. Feder y.a.feder at SNET.NET
Mon Apr 14 22:40:46 EDT 1997

Hello to all on the list!

Been reading for a week or so now and it's great to see the

I'm active with lots of BA gear - listen 95% of the time, xmit 5% -
but playing with all kinds of neat stuff since 1953.

Guess that makes me a boatanchor too, huh?

I'm sure I'll be posting from time to time!

73 and best wishes to all on the BA group
from Al (Al "Al") W1UX

Yves Albert (Al)"Al"  Feder
electric mail: y.a.feder at snet.net
Harpsichord Workshops and Recording Studios
and, dare we say it,
Home of "Tiny Radio Theater(tm)" and "Sound Cartoons(tm)"
and of the studios and transmitting facilities of W1UX Radio....

            "Danged if'n I unnerstand all I know!"


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