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Wed Apr 16 15:11:57 EDT 1997

Jeffrey Herman wrote:
> I just bought an SBE-33 sight unseen for $20 (no PS, no manual). I'll
> pick it up this weekend.
> Gee, I sure hope it has CW! That's all I do on the air.

Hi Jeff,

I ran a SBE-33 in the dorm during my first year of college in 1972.  Had
a small version of Lew McCoy's ultimate transmatch built into a Heath SB
speaker cabinet.  Threw two pieces of magnet wire with fishing sinkers on
the ends into two trees which made a crude horizontal V.  I remember I
used to work Ghana, Africa on 15 meters and plenty of other stations.
Had a lot of fun with it.

I liked the little radio.  A friend had the SBE 34 which was a step up
but the 33 gave me great service.  It was because of his experience with
the SBE 34 that I bought the 33.

If I recall correctly, both the AC and DC supplies are built in.  You
just need the proper cord.  Forget CW operation.

Hope this helps.

David Nance - WB4SSE
dmnance at

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