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Subject:          International Marconi Day

Dear Bryan,

Please help us spread the word about our event so everyone can see it.
I don't remember the E-mail address of the TEMPE boatanchors group,
but I would like to post it there. Can you please help me? Also,
anywhere else that you think is appropriate, please re-post this
there. Thanks!

We hope to work you out there this weekend!


Hello, fellow HF operators!

This Saturday, April 19 1997, several World wide stations will be
operating International Marconi Day. This special event is here to
celebrate the birth of Marconi, the father of radio. The event starts
on 0000 GMT April 19, and runs through the 24 hour period ending on
2359 GMT April 20.  QSL cards will be sent to those who make contact
with the stations signing /IMD, and certificates will be sent to those
who make many QSOs with IMD stations. This event will start on Friday
night local for North American stations, and run through Saturday.

The frequencies will be 7037 KHz and 10121 KHz for W6KB/IMD. This
station will be transmitting from Bolinas, California with a 1959
Collins 30K-5 running 300 watts output on 40, and 200 on 30. The
transmitting antenna will be a 6 MHz dipole 80 feet above the coastal
cliff. The cliff itself is 150 feet above the Pacific Ocean. For
receiving, we will be 17 miles north of Bolinas, in Point Reyes,
California. We will key the transmitter remotely for perfect QSK. The
site at Point Reyes employs multiple top-notch commercial grade WJ
receivers and many directive antennas pointing in a multitude of
directions. An identical site will be on the East coast, in Cape Cod,
Massachusetts. We will control the East Coast site also via remote
control, thanks to T1 lines. This affords us complete reception of all

Because of this, all stations are welcome. DX stations and  QRPppppp
operators, this may be your golden opportunity! Last year, one of our
operators worked a ham in Colorado running 250 mW from a 49er
Transceiver. All QSOs welcome.

Thanks for reading our announcement, and we hope to hear you out there
on our frequencies.

Adam Mclaughlin, KD6POC at
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