Drake "B" line for sale

Glenn Finerman GFINER at NMS.COM
Wed Apr 23 09:17:29 EDT 1997

Have to sell my Drake twins to raise money for a non-BA purchase.
T4X-B, R4B, AC-4.

Had the twins on the air right before I moved 4 months ago. The
transmitter developed a problem during the last QSO where the plate
current would sit at 3/4 scale with the key up. Didn't have time to
trouble shoot, just packed it up for the move. The previous owner
added a 4 pin mike jack to the front panel, lower- center between the
two controls (forget what they are now, mode switch?) Looks very
good, just not original. Front panel otherwise looks excellent. The R4B
is in excellent shape, has a ding on the left front corner of the bottom
cover otherwise excellent condition. AC-4 looks brand new, very clean.
Insides of both radios are very clean, shiny copper, etc..
Priced to move at $200 including UPS ground shipping.
(That breaks down to $50=xmtr, $50=supply, $100=rcvr.?? )
Sorry, package deal only.

73.........Glenn  N2BJG     gfiner at nms.com

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