Comments on Swan 250?

Mark Langenfeld mlangen at EXECPC.COM
Fri Apr 25 10:08:42 EDT 1997

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Mark E. Monninger wrote:

> I've been looking for a decent 6M xcvr lately and have a chance at a Swan
> 250. I really don't know much about Swan gear so can anyone give me some
> info on the 250? Tube complement, power, modes, freq coverage, general
> impressions, etc. would e helpful. How does it compare to, say, a Heath
> SB-110 or Drake TR-6?
> Any info/comments/opinions will be welcome.
> Thanks & 73...    Mark   AA7TA

I've never used a Swan 250, but have worked many guys using them. My
imperfect recollection is that it's an OK rig when working right but,
unfortunately, prone to develop various problems.

I have owned and used a TR-6 for many years, and consider it the Cadillac
of hybrid (tube/solid state) transceivers. If you can find/afford a TR-6,
that's what I'd recommend.

I used a SB-110 off and on for about a year in a club shack in the late
'60's. Again, my memory is a bit fuzzy, but it seemed a better rig than
first-generation Swan 250's. It did not measure up to the TR-6, though.

Just a few subjective comments, for what they're worth...


Mark -- WA9ETW

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