Replacement for 6146

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Sat Apr 26 04:02:35 EDT 1997

The following appeared on In addition to
mentioning the 2E26 as a (substandard) replacement, someone else
mentioned a PL36 - what's that? Any other replacements?
Jeff KH2PZ

>> Does anyone know of a pin (socket) compatible replacement for the 6146
>> tube and eventually where it is available?. There is supposed to be a
>> more rugged version of a different type denomination.
>> Any information would be appreciated.
>> 73 de Svein
>> la3pu at

>If memory serves...the 2E26 will work but at reduced power output. I tried
>this in a Heath DX40 a long time ago and got about 20 watts out of it.

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