An Introduction...and request

Tue Apr 29 13:23:54 EDT 1997

Hi Boatanchor folks, just a note from Mt to say hello and that I enjoy
reading the posts about this old, dusty stuff I've got sitting in the
shop looking forlorn and unloved.  I was wondering if I was the only
one out there in the ether looking for parts/info on old gear.

I've got one request for the etc for the ART-13A/B
liasion transmitter.  I've got one here that's essentially whole, but
was looking for additional stuff...even perhaps an operational Dynamotor
for it.

I had one ART-13 running years ago, even put in grid block keying to
keep down the pounding relay noise.  I think that's the one I put a
Pi-net output in to keep the harmonics under control was only
35 years ago...You'd think a guy could remember(?).

I just got a box of tubes in from Fair Radio yesterday, so now it's
off to the shop and my transformer stash for a couple HV supplies and
a choke or two....Here we go!

73 to all....

Doug, K7YD
Livingston, MT

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