Stuff for sale...

Dave gekko95 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Aug 5 20:44:31 EDT 1997

Many thanks to all the folks who replied with offers,
suggestions, etc. for trading my boatanchors for
a 12v portable rig.

I have arranged a swap for a TenTec Omni D that should
more than suffice for my needs.  I am not familiar with
it, but is sounds like just the ticket.

Best of 73's to all, and thanks again for all the help.
This is a great group of folks, and I really enjoy this


ps - I would welcome any comments, tips, etc. regarding
the Omni D - I realize this isn't a boatanchor, but
maybe someone has some insight.

"The mind is a terrible thing to squish between two big rocks"

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