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Robert Fowle hammarlund at JACKSONMI.COM
Sun Aug 17 17:42:24 EDT 1997

well the 5964's i've rec'd alot of help with (cross to 6J6<A>)
these go in the Beckman model 5424-16 freq(?) meter i aquired.
rfor those who may remember, Pertson Crystal ran an ad
showing a woman sitting at a bench testing to her right sat
one of these Beckman machines...
racvk panel FP, with several slots to to bottom each with a knob at the
neat looking piece, but alas, i need a manual to know how to use it..
and at least 4 (or more) 5964 tubes to put in also uses 5963
tubes...(cross to ?)
I also need a manual for a General Electric Single Sideband Selector
model 4SR1A1...any help here?
and i need the crystal verier knob from an SX-73...
any body have, or used either the Beckman or the GE unit?
any good? your thoughts please...
will trade manuals to get the manuals i need for these...
Many thanks to a great bunch of people!  8-)

Best Regards    Robert Fowle      KC8DBC
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