[SWAN] Swan Equipment Mailing List

Brian K. Short shortckt at PRIMENET.COM
Thu Aug 21 13:48:29 EDT 1997

Swan is a mailing list (reflector) devoted to discussion,
buying, selling, trading, or whatever of classic equipment
manufactured by Swan.

 * Buy, Sell, Trade
 * Modifications
 * Discussion
 * Collectors
 * Repair, Parts
 * Anything Else Swan Related...

To join Drake, send email as follows:
TO:       majordomo at qth.net
BODY:     subscribe swan

Post to Swan as follows:
TO:       sawn at qth.net

Swan is sponsored by Al Waller K3TKJ and routine administrivia
is handled by me (k7on at qsl.net). Enjoy.

73, Brian k7on at qsl.net

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