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At 02:14 PM 8/20/97 -0700, John Mitchell wrote:
>Thanks to all who provided the requested info and advice about the SP-600.

I forgot one important piece of advice:

The SP-600, like all sets of its time,  was designed for 115 to 117 volt
operation: your line voltage is likely to be higher, as it is in most
houses today.  Mine runs 122 most of the time, with 124 not unusual.
Unlike the R-390 and R-390A, the SP-600 has tap on the power transformer
for 120 volt line operation (or is it 125 volts, even better).

Do your set a favor and CHANGE THE TRANSFORMER TAP!

For R-390 owners, and for many other sets the choices are:

 - Find a step-down transformer (some isolation transformers will step down).

 - Build an external voltage bucking unit with a filament transformer.

 - Install the voltage bucker inside the set.

 - Run a constant voltage transformer such as a Sola.  These things hum a
lot and get hot, but they provide current limiting protection.

(Details on the use of filament transformers for line voltage bucking in my
next post.)

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