Swan 250 for sale

Dave gekko95 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Aug 30 03:48:43 EDT 1997

Hi gang,

I have the following for sale.  It was given to me
some time back as part of an estate, but I know
very little about it.

Swan 250 w/117xc Power supply and related cables.
With the original manual complete with update notes,

I plugged it in, and connected an HF antenna (I do not
have any 6m antennas at present).  I tuned the receiver,
and it seems very good indeed.  I copied several SSB
stations on Saturday morning during an apparent Es
opening.  I slope detected local FM activity.  Very
good receiver performance.  Everything seems to work
as it should.

I have not tried to transmit.  I briefly keyed the unit
into 'Tune' and verified there is HV and plate current.
That is all I have done in the transmit side.  I was
told 'it was working when he last used it', but I can
offer no guarantees and as I only had it for an afternoon,
I don't have it here any longer to play with.

It's boxed and ready to ship.  The price is $150 plus

If interested, please email me.


Tacoma WA

"The mind is a terrible thing to squish between two big rocks"

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