T-784/GRC-109 CW Transmitter

Bob Miller bmiller at CALWEB.COM
Mon Jul 14 21:30:47 EDT 1997

Adam Liette wrote:
> Hi everybody! Anyone used this rig? Fair Radio has them for a pretty decent
> price. I'm thinking about purchasing one, but don't know if there were any
> big problems with them.
> All answers appreciated!
> See ya es 73
>                         Adam Liette
>                         IRC:Hammer, KB8YDX
>                         URL:http://www.qsl.net/kb8ydx
>                         E-Mail:kb8ydx at gecities.com

I have the pair that made up the set. The receiver is cute, the
tranmitter is also cute, but not too useful given the crystal control
and the funky power supply situation and cords.  But if you want a nice
piece of gear to sit on the shelf, then get it if the price is not too
high.  I think that ER has had articles on the 109, but I can't remember
which issue.  Good luck.
        PS the rig works ok and the little key on the front panel is
a real trip.


                        Bob, KE6F

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