New Net Freq

Adam Liette kb8ydx at GEOCITIES.COM
Tue Jul 15 15:16:01 EDT 1997

Hi agn. I don't know abt anyone else, but I listened around 7117
(one of the proposed Net freq's in the Novice Band)and couldn't believe all
of the noise! I called CQ and just barely heard a guy calling back. I
didn't even get his entire call. When we get too
far into 7120 to 7125, there's a huge amt of SWB QRM.
Anywhere else in the band would be perfect. (For me).

Also... If anyone wants an extra qso and can slow down to abt 8-10wpm, I
should be listening on 7107 abt 1:00 and maybe abt 5:00
(if I remember that long).

I have a question abt our Net Freq, when is the net and what Freq will the
next one be on? I've never been in a CW net and looking
foward to trying it out.

See Y'all Later!
                        Adam Liette
                        E-Mail:kb8ydx at

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