7117KHz at abt 9pm tonite

Adam Liette kb8ydx at GEOCITIES.COM
Thu Jul 17 00:38:03 EDT 1997

Hi everybody! Sorry to who ever (on the list) heard my CQ's and didn't get
an answer. I was hearing the SW station (abt 7125) abt
20 over and had a terrible time hearing anyone on CW.
I don't even know who was trying to answer me. The most I ever
got out of anyone's transmissions was my call and the DE then nothing after.

So, maybe try again when the QRM (and QRN) aren't so high.
Like I've said before, 7117 is GREATLY effected by BC stations.
I hope no ones bought rocks for that one. I can't hear anyone at all.

        Well, 73 and Thanks to those who tried!
                        Adam Liette
                        E-Mail:kb8ydx at geocities.com

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