Mil manuals for sale/trade

Joseph W. Pinner kc5ijd at NET-CONNECT.NET
Thu Jul 17 07:54:22 EDT 1997


I have the following for sale or trade (vintage or mil surplus gear only):

Manuals (originals, unless noted):

  AS-2259/GR (TM 11-5985-379-14&P) (Copy)                 10.00

  AN/VRC-12, -43, -45, etc (TM 11-5820-401-10-2)          10.00

  AN/VRC-12, -43, -45, etc (TM 11-5820-401-34-2-1)        45.00

  AN/PRC-77 (TM 11-5820-667-35 (missing chapt 1)) (copy)  15.00

  TC 24-24 (1987) Radio and Radar Reference Data          25.00

  TM-11-310 Schematic Diagrams for Ground Radios
    (Fair Radio partial copy)                             15.00

  FM 24-24 Radio and Radar Reference Data  May 1977       15.00

  MIL-HDBK 161A (Initial Increment: AIC thru FRC) (Copy)  20.00

Joseph W Pinner
Lafayette, LA
EMail: kc5ijd at

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