M. Monninger markem at PRIMENET.COM
Tue Jul 22 15:56:05 EDT 1997

I don't think there were any list server problems but there was a failure
of one of the main DNS (Domain Name Services) server that had a pretty
major impact on the internet late last week. It effectively took a lot of
.com nodes off-line. It was repaired pretty quickly but it takes several
days for the DNS info to re-populate all the servers. During that time some
names were not resolved and some were returned as bogus addresses (DNS
resolves names like to numeric addresses like
which is what is actually used to make the connections).

OTOH, the list seems to go in spurts so it might just have been a lull.

73...   Mark

At 07:36 PM 7/22/97 -0700, Bob Miller wrote:
>Jacob Worthington wrote:
>> Hi gang,
>> Haven't received anything on BOATANCHORS for a couple of days, and
>> was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this problem.
>> 73s,
>> Jacob
>> AA4FM
>> _______________________________
>I have been having trouble with most of my newsgroups for over a week
>now. A few of my ham buddies here in Sacramento are also having trouble
>to a lessor or worse degree than I am. They are also using different
>ISPs. My ISP says they are having trouble somewhere, but did not have a
>clue last week.  Things are hit and miss but have picked up somewhat
>since Sunday. Hmmmm.
>                73
>                        Bob, KE6F

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