Mike Dormann W7DRA Trigley at WPORT.COM
Tue Jul 22 16:09:54 EDT 1997

hamradio                                                    QST

            70          71          72          74          74

jan                     x           x                       x
feb                     (2)         x                       x
mar                                 x                       x
apr                     (2)         x                       x
may         x           x           x                       x
jun         x           x           x                       x
jul         (2)         x           x                       x
aug         x           x           x
sep         (2)         x           x                       (2)
oct         x           x           x           x           (2)
nov         x           x           x           x           x
dec         x           x           x                       x
fair shape, some have library markings on them, a few ham radio mags
have not been taken from the mailer
seems about 53 mags, how about 15$ plus shipping ups?

mike dormann
trigley at wport.com

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