FWD: FS - Tube ham gear + Kenwood R1000

Brian Carling (G3XLQ/AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Tue Mar 25 22:13:01 EST 1997

Do NOT reply to ME on this one! I saw this on r.r.s. newsgroup and
thought someone here might find it interesting too!

From: Robert Lebovitz <robtlebo at ix.netcom.com>

I have a number of tube items from the 50's for sale.
Since these are pretty heavy, I prefer not to deal with
shipping matters. An interested party in North Texas
would be the optimum connection at this time:

        1. Johnson Viking II multiband transmitter (no Ext. VFO)
                (HUGE tranformers and very heavy)
        2. Hammarlund HQ-140 XA Gen Cov Receiver
        3. Hallicrafters S-20 (Sky Champion) Gen Cov Receiver
                (prewar - from the 30's)
        4. Lampkin Frequency calibrator/comparator
                (All of the above are in good working order
                and in quite nice shape, except that the
                Sky Champion looks its age.)
        5. Several meters and misc items (no mikes nor bugs)
        6. Several ARRL handbooks and manuals from the 1950's
        7. One box of misc tubes, mostly recvr and of uncertain
                usage (although most are in cartons), with a few
                transmitter types

I also have (8.) a Kenwood R-1000 gen cov recvr of more recent
vintage. It is a little worn on the underside (it was in a vehicle)
but otherwise looks fine. It works very well and is in calibration.

I can send a .GIF of these items if you are interested.

I will sell the entire lot on a come get it basis for $750. Please
send email to >>  RobtLebo at ix.netcom.com  <<. If you would like, leave
a voice line number anbd I will get back to you.

        Thanks for your interest.

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