FWD: More BA goodies

Brian Carling (G3XLQ/AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Tue Mar 25 22:17:14 EST 1997

OK, again, here's one more. DON'T reply to ME on all this!
Message only to DEAN at the address below:
From: Dean Berschauer  <deanbers at ix.netcom.com>

For Sale: Lots of BA Ham Gear:

Drake 1A, VG condition, Original Manual,  Late Series, $420 OBO.
Drake 2LF Converter, $50.
Drake  TV-1000, Low Pass Filter, - $29
Drake  TV-1000, Low Pass Filter, - $29
Swan 405X Crystal Oscillator,VG. - $25.
Swan 350 Opposite SSB Kit, NIB, with Instructions, $20.
EF Johnson Lowpass Filter, 250-20,  $29.
EF Johnson 122VFO, w/Manual Copy, VG, $65.
Groth Turns Counter, TC-3, NIB, w/Instructions, $30.
AEA Compakratt ROM Module for Commodore 64.- $ 5.
AMP Coax switch, N connectors, 48VDC coil, nice machined unit, $35.
BUD Radio, 100 KC Freq Calibrator, FCC- 90B, Cylindrical Crystal,
Needs Switch,  $25. Unitek "Treadlite"  Footswitch, 5' cord and 3 pin
Amp Plug, NIB, $15. Shure 404B Handmike, Curly Cord, 1/4" plug. $20.
Shure 414B Miniature Handmike, 4 pin plug.-$20.   Astatic 332
Handmike, $10. EV600E Handmike, Curly Cord, 1/4" plug, $25. EV717
Handmike, Curly Cord, PJ-068 plug. $25. Atlas MT-1 Mobile Antenna
Match. - $15. Atlas 210X Parts, Name Your Parts Need. Gonset
Communicator II-A Manual and Schematics. - $8. Collins F500B-14.  CW
filter for the 51J-4. $70. Collins F455 N 20, New, $35. Comair Rotron,
Muffin Fan, 4-1/2" Sq, 115VAC, NIB, $6. Rubber Feet, Black, Tapered
from 1" to 3/4" X 2" Tall, $3ea. Rubber Feet, "VVG Collins S-Line
Match", $2 ea. Rubber Feet, Black, Tapered from 1" to 3/4" X3/8" Tall,
$1 ea. Black Fluted Knob with Alum Insert, "Swan Style", !-5/8" Dia,
Set Screw, New, $1 ea. 14.4 Internal Modem, V.32bis, with
Instructions, $15. 6JB6A Westinghouse, NIB, $45 for 2. 6MJ6 RCA, NIB,
$60 for 2. 6LQ6 Realistic, NIB, "Lifetime Tubes" with Original Sales
Ticket for Warranty, $60 for 2. 6JB6 Sylvania, NIB, $67 for 3. Air
Dux, 432T, Air Dux, 616T, Air Dux, 816T, Air Dux, 416T, Air Dux, 1216T
Sprague, .25MF, Bathtub Oil, 1000VDC, NIB, $5.

Deanbers at ix.netcom.com
Dean, KO6IJ

PS:  Shipping Costs Not Included.
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