Great Radio Book Sale Next Week

Michael A. Burke MAB at DELPHI.COM
Sat Mar 29 10:07:14 EST 1997

Attention keepers of ancient technology flames (the metaphorical, not
                                               the rude internet kinds):

I've recommended to the list several times before Rainy Day Books in
Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire as a rich source of boatanchor type books.
Well, to anyone who might be in the area next weekend, be advised that
they are holding their annual "Round the Mountain" (as in Monadnock)
book sale from Thursday, April 3, through Sunday, April 6, which
features 35% off general stock and 25% off rare and technical books.

I've made some major "finds" there, and it is definitely worth your
checking out.  In addition to electronics and radio books, they have
lots of titles in other engineering disciplines, broadcasting,
railroading, juveniles, and nostalgia (this is the place I got my
various Alfred Morgan "Boys' Books").

Rainy Day books is located on Route 119 a couple hundred yards west of
the Route 12 intersection in Fitzwilliam center.  They'll be open from
10 AM to 5 PM during the sale days, and can be reached at 603-585-3448,
rainyday at  The owners, Frank and Lucia Bequaert, are real
nice folks and will make you feel right at home (and will serve you free
libations during the sale!).

The "early bird definitely gets the worm" at this sale as the place is
usually "mobbed", so get there early if you want to make the good

Remember, they can put it on CD-ROM and they can put it on the Web, but
real books are still the "boatanchors of the mind" (and it's no fun
reading from the monitor when you're laying in bed)!

                                Mike Burke, Unrepentent Bibliophile

     I'm not an agent of Rainy Day Books, just a very satified customer.

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